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Jun 13, 2024

The Making of Chains for The Carter

Earlier this year we were informed that our beloved chain maker John Marsh is retiring.

We were very lucky to get some orders in before he finishes up. We’re pleased to share some photographs of the finished chains he’s been busy creating for all our future clients waiting on The Carter pocket watch.

As the quality of off-the-shelf swivel clasps don’t meet our exacting standards, and wouldn’t be fit for an original ‘Marsh’ chain, we worked with our friends at Weston Beamor to handcraft every one from custom made components. The dimensions are based on an original English example from the late 19th century when everything was made to last.

John created each and every link of these chains by drawing down the wire to the right diameters, forming them up by hand then soldering them together link by link. Even the T-bar has been handmade and twists freely. John enjoyed explaining to us how he tests the spin of the T-bars by holding them by both ends with the chain dangling down, then spinning the chain around it like a vertical football rattle to make sure there are no snagging points.