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May 20, 2024

Pioneering women in the watch industry - A feature in Marie Claire Arabia

All photos credited to Amin Musa

We’re thrilled to share that Dr. Rebecca Struthers, was recently featured in an inspiring interview with Marie Claire Arabia.

In the interview, Rebecca delves into the evolution of watchmaking, exploring how watches have transitioned from rare, luxurious items to essential accessories and innovative smart devices in our electronic age. She also shares her personal journey into the world of watchmaking, a passion that blends science, art, and engineering.

One highlight from the interview is Dr. Struthers’ love for “Form Watches” – eclectic, imperfect designs that are absolutely wonderful. Whether shaped like a star, a book, or even an animal, these watches reflect her unique taste and love for creativity.

Rebecca also discusses her book, “Hands of Time,” set to be published in Arabic this September. The book takes readers through the history of timekeeping and celebrates human ingenuity in our quest to measure time.

Read the full interview online here (in Arabic) to learn more about her thoughts on the timelessness of luxury watches in the age of AI and her vision for the future of watchmaking.