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Apr 3, 2024

First Staffordshire, next Le Monde…

This week Rebecca Struthers was featured in an article written by Joël Métreau for France’s Le Monde newspaper.

In his feature, “Rebecca Struthers, éloge de l’horloge”, Métreau describes how the watchmaker belongs to an environment that still manages to resist technological upheavals. In the UK, there are less than a hundred artisan experts in watch restoration or manufacturing and very few are women.

For our French speaking Le Monde subscribers, you can read the full piece here.

The item is accompanied by some stunning photographs (courtesy of Amin Musa for Le Monde) which we’re delighted to share with you below. These include some shots of a Kingsley movement and the 248.

We hope that a French edition of Hands of Time, already translated into several languages but not yet in French, will be on cards in the future.