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Apr 23, 2024

Struthers Featured In The Observer

Image credit: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian, 2019

Craig and Rebecca Struthers had a delightful surprise recently when they found themselves mentioned in Lifestyle Editor Alice Fisher’s latest piece in The Observer. Titled ‘Trending on tick-tock: why British watches have hit the big time’, Fisher’s article highlights a significant shift in the perception of luxury timepieces, noting that “UK brands are piquing international interest and proving that a high-status timepiece need not be Swiss”.

This mention in The Observer comes at an opportune moment, as we witness a revival in the UK’s watch industry. At a time when the global luxury watch market is experiencing a slowdown, British horology is capturing attention once again.

For Craig and Rebecca, this resurgence is not just a trend to observe but a movement to be actively part of. With their passion for craftsmanship and innovation, they are thrilled to contribute to the growing momentum, particularly with Rebecca’s acclaimed book, ‘Hands of Time’, gaining traction in the mainstream.

You can read the full article online here