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Dec 8, 2023

Tune In to Dr. Rebecca Struthers on Various Podcasts! 

Embark on a captivating audio journey with Dr. Rebecca Struthers through a series of enlightening podcasts! Rebecca has recently had the pleasure of being a guest on many different podcasts, sharing her expertise, insights, and passion across various episodes:

Travels Through Time Podcast – This episode takes you back to the year 1572 to explore England in the mid sixteenth-century – an age filled with drama and novelty. As conspiracies played out and a queen sought to establish herself on the throne, a glamorous new technology was emerging in the fashionable world. In this fascinating episode, Rebecca Struthers takes us back to the Elizabethan Age to tell us all about the early days of watchmaking.

Calibre Podcast – In this episode, Watches of Switzerland’s Global Head of Watch Buying Mark Toulson meets with Dr Rebecca Struthers. Rebecca talks them through her early life and career, Radio 4’s ‘Book of the Week’, “Hands of Time,” and her exclusive collaboration with Watches of Switzerland. 

EconTalk – Listen as Rebecca Struthers talks with renowned economist, writer and host of EconTalk’s Prof. Russ Roberts about how our need to keep time has shaped watchmaking history, and how, in turn, the development of watches has shaped human culture and society. Other topics include the precise and painstaking craft of bespoke watchmaking and the challenge of restoring watches from another time. Discover the intersection of history, art, and technology in watchmaking through Rebecca’s engaging discussions. 

History Extra Podcast – Today we take it for granted that we can meet friends at an agreed time, work a set amount of paid hours, or catch a train before it leaves. But so much of the fabric of our modern lives is entirely dependent on one thing: the ability to accurately tell the time. Watchmaker and author Rebecca Struthers joins Ellie Cawthorne to chart the long history of watches and other timekeepers, and reveals how they have revolutionised humanity’s perception of time.

History Nerds United – Let’s keep time! Watchmaker and author Rebecca Struthers joins the podcast to talk her book Hands of Time: A Watchmaker’s History. We also talk about watchmaking and jolly old England. Come listen!

These podcast episodes offer a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of watches with Rebecca as your guide. Tune in and experience the passion and expertise she brings to each conversation!