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Dec 18, 2023

First Project 248 watches are completed

We’re pleased to share photos of one of the first five handmade in-house Project 248 watches. 

The watch features a  polished onion-style winding crown. The rocking bar system keyless work which we use in the Project 248 watch has a stem that utilises a shortened square. As there’s no sliding clutch pinion the square only needs to turn the winding pinion.

We made simple setting lever screws for the watch movement which work with a traditional English-style rocking bar which we re-designed to incorporate hand set and wind using the crown instead of a pin set. 

We’re delighted to see the first of these watches out with their new owner after a career defining project that has taken us over 6 years to complete. It’s been a huge undertaking and an incredible experience. We’re immensely grateful to the support of our clients in helping us bring 248 to life. 

We’ve taken over 500 photographs during the making of Project 248, here are a select few: