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Smiths Dash Clock

The restoration of a vintage 1930s Smiths dash clock for an Alvis Speed 20 automobile

Dash clocks in classic and vintage cars are some of the most durable heritage timekeepers ever made. Designed to withstand the elements and take a beating, even these work horses need a bit of tender loving care from time to time! This 8-day Smith dash clock from a 1930s Alvis Speed 20 is a perfect example of how the dust and dirt gathers in these clocks over the years. This piece needed a very thorough clean, together with redressing of multiple components…. The case required laquering to stabilise the flaking original paintwork.

As always, we finish every restoration by polishing the screws to leave the timepiece in the best possible condition for years to come and make sure both it, and its Alvis, have many more adventures in the future.

Do you own a similar timepiece that you would like to have restored? Contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.