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Jul 8, 2024

Inspiration behind the Project 248 balance

When we started designing our first in-house movement we decided to cherry pick from our favourite parts of horological design history for inspiration.

From materials choices that reference south German watchmaking of the early 20th century, to Abraham-Louis Breguet’s parachute shock settings, our experience as restorers was an amazing foundation to build on. For the balance, we turned to the work of the late, great, George Daniels and his practical guide – Watchmaking.

The image above is shows our well-leafed and oil-stained workshop copy together with our own hand-written build book scattered with Craig’s illustrations and Rebecca’s calculations.

The weights, used to regulate the timing of the watch, are made from solid 18ct rose gold which is filed to a D-shape to achieve the perfect eccentric weight. These can be turned to shift the centre of gravity of the balance and adjust the rate. To allow their adjustment, they’re all push fitted onto minuscule pins riveted into the arms of the balance wheel in the same way Daniels did.

As Breguet was Daniels’s horological hero it seemed like a poignant tribute to combine both of their contributions to horological history in such close proximity within our Project 248 watch.

Scroll through the photographs of the process below.