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Rebecca Struthers

Watchmaker, Historian & Co-founding Director of Struthers Watchmakers

Photo above by India Hobson for Telegraph Luxury

A multi-award-winning designer, watchmaker, and historian; Rebecca is half of the founding husband and wife team behind Struthers Watchmakers studio and workshops.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Rebecca was just 17 when she set out on her path to becoming one of Britain’s leading watchmakers. Initially training as a jeweller and silversmith with a passion for creating complex pieces of articulated jewellery; Rebecca soon found a way to combine her passion for craft with her love of science in the pursuit of horology. Her addiction to education has continued alongside her career as a practitioner. Now a bona fide watch doctor, in 2017, Rebecca Struthers became the first watchmaker in British history to earn a PhD in horology.

Her first book, Hands of Time, a Watchmaker’s History of Time, was released on 27th April 2023 (UK) and 13th June (USA). For more information and updates of for Hands of Time (including translated editions) please visit

For regular updates on Rebecca’s work and projects, you can follow her on social media via any or all of the links below.