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The first ever watch to win a prestigious Design Innovation Award for outstanding innovation in platinum

Stella was created to push the boundaries of self-winding watch design.  The pioneering pendant watch is powered by the movement of the case rather than the wrist.  The design features a solitary hour hand meaning the watch can be read accurately to within five minutes.

Re-defining the traditional use of an automatic watch movement; Stella demonstrates that you don’t need to use wrist action for power. Instead, the movement has been mounted into a spinning ball which rotates on a platinum axis within a frame inspired by the ‘gimble’ used in early ship chronometers.  Stella is worn as a pendant but benefits from the similar wrist movement for a self-winding watch.

Stella was designed for the competition brief of New Frontiers; a trend inspired by ground-breaking design movements such as Modernism, Bauhaus and Art Deco. Watches played a great part in the Art Deco design movement and is one of the ultimate symbols of wearable luxury.  Stella’s hand-cut rock crystal hemispheres are set into platinum bands front and back so that the watch movement can be seen ticking away the seconds whilst the single hour hand slowly moves around the dial.  This quirk was inspired by the decadence of Art Deco.

Stella exists as a unique watch and no others will be manufactured.



Platinum ruthenium


Platinum trace handmade in France


Diamonds (round brilliant), sapphires (step and hand-cut bullet cabochon), rock crystal (hand-cut hemispherical cabochon)


Created and printed in the UK


Modified Universal Genève microrotor calibre 69 circa 1960 with platinum ruthenium and diamond set rotor

Presentation case

Made by Method Studio in Linlithgow, Scotland, from white ash with midnight blue suede lining

As the first watch they ever made, Stella is currently being held in the Struthers archive. If you have any questions about this watch please contact us using the form below.